Coffee with Clusterone Webinar: Build a Learning Lexicon from Streaming Text

Jussi Karlgren shows how to build a Learning Lexicon from Streaming Text and how it can be useful.

Jussi Karlgren is a researcher at the text analysis company Gavagai. He has a Ph.D. in computational linguistics from Stockholm University and is an Adjunct Professor of Language Technology at KTH.

To download the slides from the webinar, click here.

We've published a blog post with all questions that were asked during the session and Jussi's answers. Check it out here!


Gavagai is a Swedish computational linguistics company. Using Random Indexing for distributional semantics, their AI technology can build a lexicon from text in many languages without supervision. Based on this technology, Gavagi offers various tools for opinion analysis, market research, and exploring themes in customer feedback.

In this webinar, Jussi presents the design decisions and principles behind Random Indexing, as well as diving into what kind of information can be extracted from text with this technique.

Random Indexing is a well-known technique in Natural Language Understanding and can be used to extract word lists or other lexical resources that can be fed into classifiers or deep learning models.

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