Coffee with Clusterone Webinar: Bringing Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Together

June 27th, 9 am PDT: Emmanuel Ameisen talks about how to bring together NLP and CV to solve common problems in both domains

Emmanuel Ameisen is the AI Lead at Insight Data Science. In this webinar, he will present approaches to solve problems that combine Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV).

Such problems include image and video captioning, image search, and reading text from videos. More complex problems that also extend into other domains of machine learning include selecting the best thumbnail from videos and generating code from sketches of websites.

Having led over 70 AI projects at Insight, Emmanuel will go over common approaches and pitfalls, and then dive deeper into some of the challenges that need to be overcome to get these models to work.

Emmanuel Ameisen.jpeg

About Emmanuel

Emmanuel is the AI lead at Insight Data Science. He has years of experience going from product ideation to effective implementations. At Insight, he has led over 70 AI projects in a variety of domains, with Fellows that have gone on to join top ML teams around the country.

Previously, he implemented and scaled out predictive analytics and machine learning solutions for Local Motion and Zipcar. Emmanuel holds master’s degrees in artificial intelligence, computer engineering, and management from three of France’s top schools.

Please expect this webinar to last about one hour. It will offer a brief introduction, a demonstration of the subject matter and a Q & A session at the end.

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