Redpoint Ventures have published their view on the current machine learning landscape across the pipeline.

The article includes platforms for running experiments, storing data, serving models, and much more. It even dives into popular data formats and data labeling services.

The pipeline starts with data sources and their ingestion on the left. It continues the process of data processing and eventually reaches the model training and serving space.

The article also outlines the massive growth of nearly all sections of AI and machine learning market and provides a few interesting numbers to quantify the AI boom. Whether there is a bubble forming around machine learning might be debatable, but the market growth is definitely real.

Clusterone has made it into the category "Training" and is even featured all the way at the top (okay, granted, the list is alphabetically). Apart from feeling humbled for being mentioned, we think their article provides a very complete overview of what tools and services are available today in machine learning.

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(Cover image of this article by RedPoint Ventures)