Clusterone announces its new Applied AI Team, headed by industry veteran Babak Rasolzadeh. The team focuses on providing deep learning engineering services to customers and advancing the field through breakthrough research.

Deep learning is enabling amazing technological advancements in many industries. Yet because the field is still relatively new, many companies that could benefit from it neither have the infrastructure nor the knowledge to fully leverage its potential.

With its deep learning platform, Clusterone already helps customers from various industries to run deep learning experiments and train models without having to worry about infrastructure setup or maintenance. Now the company also offers professional services to assist customers in creating deep learning solutions and conducting research.

Introducing the Applied AI Team

Babak Rasolzadeh leads Clusterone’s Applied AI team. He explains his team’s mission: “The Clusterone platform already makes deep learning easily accessible for clients. With the Applied AI team, we go the last mile.”

“Deep learning remains a complex topic,” Babak says. “We want to help our clients to adopt deep learning and apply it to the business problems they're facing.”

The Applied AI team offers solutions design and installation of the Clusterone technology for high profile clients that need additional help and expertise. “Our experts work side-by-side, either on-site or remotely, with the customer’s in-house experts to go from solutions design to conceptualization to implementation,” Babak explains. His team does not only do hands-holding, he emphasizes, but is very hands-on in helping customers get the most out of the Clusterone platform.


Babak brings decades of AI experience to the table

Babak himself is a seasoned machine learning veteran. He has been an active member of the AI community in the past decades, founding his own computer vision startup while working on his Ph.D. in Sweden.

When the media monitoring company Meltwater acquired his firm in 2013, he moved to the United States and led Meltwater’s data science team in California for over 3 years. He left Meltwater in 2016 in search of new opportunities and joined Natural Language Understanding startup Protagonist, where he served as the Director of Data Science.

Aside from his primary job, Babak also served as an advisor and investor for a variety of AI startups. After Protagonist didn’t succeed, Babak was looking for a new challenge and met Mohsen Hejrati, Clusterone’s CEO. “I knew Mohsen from my Ph.D. days,” Babak remembers. “We met again here in the Valley and it didn’t take long for him to convince me that Clusterone was something I needed to join.”


Babak felt that Clusterone was doing the right thing at the right time. He immediately knew that an Applied AI team was what the company needed to augment the impact of their platform and help customers to succeed with their deep learning projects.

Leveraging the experience that Babak and his team bring to the table, Clusterone’s Applied AI team helps customers solve their most pressing problems using deep learning and make optimal use of their resources.

The Applied AI Team conducts advanced Deep Learning research

In extension to working on customer projects, the Applied AI team is also committed to advancing the field of deep learning through research. Companies like Google (DeepMind) and Facebook have been at the forefront of commercial AI research, but the democratization of AI may soon change that.

With cheaper computation power and easier access to deep learning resources through platforms like Clusterone, cutting edge AI research now doesn’t require billion dollar budgets anymore, but only what it should: brilliant minds.

The Applied AI team works on using open source datasets and other publicly available resources to develop new algorithms and improve existing solutions that will not only work in the research labs of Google and Facebook, but for everyone.

The advantage of using Clusterone for such science experiments are obvious, according to Babak. The source code and datasets are published online, and the experiments can be recreated at any time on the cloud platform, using the exact same hardware configuration anywhere in the world. “The experiments can easily be peer-reviewed,” he says.


Deep Learning should be about data and code. Not DevOps.

The Applied AI team is young and growing quickly. Its members are experts in Machine Learning in general and Deep Learning specifically, as well as related fields. New team members will be recruited over the coming weeks and months.

Babak and Clusterone are on a mission to make AI accessible and easy to use for everyone. “Running deep learning experiments shouldn't be about DevOps,” he says. “It shouldn't be about tinkering and trying to figure out the annoying little things before you can start your experiment. It should be about the data and your code. Everything else should be easy.”

With the Applied AI team, Clusterone is getting a step closer to making this vision a reality.