AI Platform can help solve the standardization challenge in deep learning

As AI is becoming a mainstream technology, AI platforms can promote standardization. Common standards will help to facilitate innovation and bring down development costs.

AI and deep learning are one of the most interesting and potentially disruptive technologies today. Startups related to deep learning flourish and venture capital funding is at an all-time high. With this push into the limelight of mainstream tech, there is a new need for standardization.


AI is Mainstream Now

Only a few years ago, AI was an academic topic with only a few research groups racing after benchmark results. Today AI is becoming accessible for everyone, the democratization of AI is well underway.

With a common ground of standards, AI can grow even faster and more consistent. No more starting-at-zero for each new project or with a new company. AI platforms can help to achieve this goal by promoting the adoption of industry standards by more users.

Take deep learning models. TensorFlow and PyTorch are emerging as the two major low-level machine learning frameworks. High-level libraries like Keras and TensorLayer provide building blocks with reference implementations for important algorithms. New models don't have to be designed from scratch any more. Using them can make a project more effective without having to dig deep into the implementation.

AI Platforms help Researchers to Verify their Experiments

Scientific research teams can also benefit from using an AI platform. Features like effective version control with Git and zero cost for server maintenance are ideal for research.

Another important factor is the ability to reliably reproduce experiments in a controlled environment. Clusterone and other AI platforms offer sharing capabilities, so experiment code and datasets can be shared among teams. The experiment can then be reproduced using the exact same hardware to ensure comparability.

An AI platform can help promote standards and best practices in deep learning. Standardization helps to ease access into the field of AI, as well as bringing down costs. In the effort to democratize AI, platforms are one of the most useful tools in the kit.

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