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Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence have outgrown their research lab coats and matured into a wave that is transforming industries.

What strategic insights can we gain from the diverse set of builders, technologists, and business leaders that are at the core of this wave? Where is AI going and what drives the people who push it forward?

To answer these questions, we have talked to the innovators that drive the AI revolution.

Clusterone interviews research scientists about groundbreaking deep learning algorithms and entrepreneurs disrupting personal medicine with decentralized machine learning to learn about what the next generation of technology will be.

Life science is full of potential and inspiration for other industries, so our team dug into lessons learnt using machine learning on large scale genetic data to advance cancer research as well as computer vision applied to tumor imaging.

Finally, we interviewed leaders in the corporate world about building a deep learning team and growing an AI community.

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With the Clusterone deep learning platform, AI teams can be efficient from day one, shorten research cycle time and keep up with the latest technology advances. Clusterone’s solutions team works together with leaders to support existing deep learning efforts, or create them from the ground up.

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